Quality control

The Impera Group company is responsible for the quality of the supplied products. This is one of our core strengths in the rolled metal distributor market.

We minimize the risks for customers in terms of the supply of goods of inappropriate quality, which entail replacements, missed deadlines and other negative moments that are unnecessary for our customers.

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The Impera Group solves the problem of quality control in three ways:

  • The company has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001. The company has implemented the necessary procedures developed by specialized international organizations aimed at controlling and managing risks, as well as processes related to quality management. In its operational activities, the company regularly practices the performance of all functions in accordance with the ISO system, and also undergoes an external audit annually, as evidenced by the Certificate of Conformity.
  • The Impera Group company has developed its own management and quality control system for purchased products. Checking the quality of goods purchased from manufacturers begins at the stage of rolling out production. Thus, quality control of the products supplied by the company goes through a number of procedures and control points, starting with the choice of a supplier-manufacturer, and ending with an internal control service for products delivered to the warehouse of our enterprise.
  • Quality Control Department is the service that is responsible for the control and acceptance of goods directly at the warehouse of our company. The Impera Group company has at its disposal a certified certified laboratory (Certificate No. PCh 06-2 / 242-2018), which has a wide range of measuring equipment, as well as qualified personnel who regularly undergo recertification and advanced training procedures.

We responsibly declare that the Impera Group company has all the necessary resources to control the quality of supplied products, as well as to minimize the risk of supplying customers with products of inadequate quality.

Main types of tested raw materials

  1. Cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets, thickness from 0.20 to 6.0 mm, with and without coatings
  2. Wire and fittings with a diameter of 2.8 to 14.0 mm

Types of tests performed

  • Determination of ultimate strength, yield point, relative elongation of normal anisotropy coefficient and hardening coefficient
  • Determination of the chemical composition in iron-based alloys (spectral m-dom)
  • Bending and bending tests of metals
  • Determination of the depth of a spherical hole according to the Eriksen method
  • Determination of surface roughness
  • Tensile and shear tests of cross-shaped joints of welded meshes
  • Determination of hardness according to Rockwell, Super-Rockwell and Brinell
  • Determination of the characteristics of polymer paint coatings applied to cold-rolled, galvanized sheet (thickness, adhesion, strength in reverse impact, in bending, hardness, tensile strength)
  • Determination of the value of metal impact strength
  • Determination of grain size
  • Expanding, flattening and bending tests of electrowelded pipes.
  • Distributed and concentrated load testing of decks

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